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“Life Stripe” SPREAD

17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22

Aprile 2012

"Aspects of Life Visualized with Colors"  It can be said that a superior music score of musical composition has a harmony and beauty in the musical note arrangement.  What will happen if we express a pattern for a long-remembered and unforgettable day?  “Life Stripe” is “A pattern of life” that SPREAD has collected approximately 150,000 kinds of life record samples and translated 24 hours of mankind and animals to stripes with vivid colors since 2005.  In addition to a wide range of artworks describing a designer, musician, taxi driver with 24 hour shift, pregnant woman and baby on the day of delivery, unemployed young man with net surfing in virtual reality, extremely busy politician, herbivores and peacock during breeding season at zoo, and cat as a pet, SPREAD also collected "Living truth" for the people who live with fear under the extreme circumstances of earthquake and radioactive damage through the "Life Stripe" workshop with children in Fukushima prefecture since the great earthquake on March 11.   As long as life would last, people will face a day of good luck and bad luck in daily life.  From the moment of replacing the either day to "Life Stripe" pattern, as being proud of beauty of each color, the color variation would have potential to have an infinity of combinations and changes from day to day.  Although "Life Stripe" might simply appear as color coding, it surely will be a trigger for affirmative human spirit with exercising one's imagination to time of finite life while we are living in uncertain facts of life.

Opening hours during the Fuorisalone: From 17 to 22 April from 10:30 am to 7:30 pm

Company Profile: “SPREAD” is the creative unit set up by Hirokazu Kobayashi and Haruna Yamada in Japan. “SPREAD” produces something new, containing various memories of environment, living creatures, object, time, history, colors, and alphabetical characters. They continue to expand their field of work beyond graphics, now into textile products. Since 2005, “Life Stripe” art project is on-going, which records patterns of life with colors. -

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